**NEW SAFETY PROCEDURE IN EFFECT - At the start of the worship service, the parking lot entrance doors will be locked. Those coming after that must use the main entrance doors near the Office.

*SCHEDULE DATES FOR CHURCH USAGE: If your committee needs to schedule a date for using a room in the church, please contact Lisa Beyer, Trustee, at (860)201-5972. Lisa keeps a master list for the Trustees, of when the church is being used by all our renters and church events.

*LADIES BIBLE STUDY: The Ladies Bible Study will start on January31st. If you have any questons, please contact Linda Sellers at (860)921-
1820 and she will give you the details.

*A LENTEN BIBLE STUDY & SOUP AND BREAD: A family fellowship with a Soup, Bread & Desserts meal and a Lenten Bible Study will be held during Lent on Wednesday nights from 6:00p.m. to 8:00p.m. The Bible Study/Meal will be held from March 13th through April 10th. Meal will be at 6:00p.m. Bible Study will start at 7:00 p.m. A sign- up sheet is in the narthex.

​*CHURCH MEMBER LIBRARY - I have good, inspirational books that I have collected over the years that are collecting dust setting on a bookshelf.  I'm sure others have the same situation.  We should share our "dust collecting" books with other church members.
I want to set up a book shelf where members can bring books to share and borrow books to read. The books you share are not donations to church.  They are your books to be taken back at any time. If we could get 20 people to bring in 5 good inspirational books each…100 books !  That will keep us all reading and learning and growing for a long time.

*GREATER TORRINGTON FAMILY DEVELOPMENT CENTER-WE NEED YOU: The Board of Director’s for the daycare downstairs is in need of more Board Members. The meetings are on the 2nd Thursday of each month at 6:45p.m. for about 1 1/2 hours. If you think this might interest you, you can speak with any of the members: Jane Walker, Mark Stafford, John Brawner, Pastor Jenkins & Camille Wesneski. Jane can be reached at (860)489-4714.

*ANNUAL RECORD UPDATE: We are asking everyone to complete an Annual Record Update, so that the church has updated contact information if needed.  Forms are available in the narthex.  Forms can be placed in the offering plate or put in the office.  If you have not completed a form in 2018, please do so. ​​

*PRAYER CHAIN: If you would like to be part of this vital ministry in our church, or have any questions, please give John or Kathy Steeves a call at 860-738-3454 or by email john.osteeves@snet.net. If changes need to be made to the prayer chain, contact John or Kathy. When a prayer request is received, the prayer chain is activated. John and Kathy Steeves hope to hear from you if you are being called to be part of this ministry. 

The following people are currently on our prayer chain:

Prayer of Concern:
For the family & friends of Lillian Raymond as they mourn her passing.

Prayer of Concern:
For the family & friends of Linda Jones as they mourn her passing.

Prayers for Healing: Janet Fantozzi (Sharon Viets’ Friend), Joy Zublena, Lorraine Soucy (Camille Wesneski’s Friend), Ann Gensch, Jerry Marcellino, Grace Belcher and family, Morgan Hubbard (Chelsea Stafford’s friend), Roberta Stoddard, Bill Eckert, Billy Capell (John & Kathy Steeves’ Friend), Rev. Kenneth Rodgers, Rob Newcomb (Camille Wesneski’s relative), Linda Comella (Judy Saverine’s sister), Crystal, Michael Tomasiewicz, Susan Minicucci, Michael Conway, Dawn Z. (Dora Mae Iffand’s Friend), Greg Morris, Corinne Jenkins, Nadia Goldson, Marion Smith, Linda Furnas, Rev. Holt (Pastor Mike’s mother’s Pastor), Shawn George (Nancy Grgach’s friend), Martha and family, Sheila McGinty, Reilly Jakubak, Lee Steele (Connie Christian’s friend), Shirley Birge, Fanny McBroom, Bob Aldridge, Jeaneena (Grace Schia’s friend),

Edriss Patterson (Connie Christian’s sister-in-law), Barbara Hart, Don Govotski (Camille Wesneski’s Friend), Tommy Hinman, Regi Neri, Richard Belanger, Kelly Considine, Donna Courchesney, Kim Pretar with her family and friends, Krista, Andra Tomasiewicz, Jacob Keesler, Marie Mefi , Peggy Vasile, Mo Hubert, Jen Monger, Mickey Richardson, Roberta I., Cindy Lascko.

Prayers for those in Assisted Living: Ruth Darr
Prayers for those in Nursing Homes: Ted Cremasco, Bob Elmer, Gladys Phillips.
Prayers of Concern: For our troops who are serving overseas. Mikee Koch.

*CHURCH GARDEN MAINTENANCE:  The lovely gardens at our parking lot entrance are always in need of maintenance. We are grateful to those few who have worked so hard to keep them looking so nice throughout the seasons but now we are asking for additional help. We need a few people with muscle (men and women) to do mulching, weeding and other tasks under the supervision of our experienced gardeners. Please sign up on the sheet in the narthex. Someone will contact you to arrange convenient times to assist in keeping our entry area a welcoming space. 

*COFFEE HOUR: Serving at COFFEE HOUR is a gift to your church family, to those who DO wish to partake in coffee hour, to socialize, to share each other’s concerns, to laugh and enjoy each other’s company - they are families, seniors, visitors, young people. And the accompaniment of coffee & goodies enhances that.

So here’s the Deal! Starting in September!

SEPT - OCT - NOV = S thru Z                DEC - JAN - FEB = E thru L             MAR - APR - MAY = A thru D               JUN - JUL - AUG = M thru R

Those with last initials beginning with the letters opposite the 3 months shown, please sign up for at least one (or two) Sundays in that period. Instructions are posted in the kitchen on the refrigerator. Hands-on instructions available. See Alta. A CURRENT LIST FOR EACH 3-MO PERIOD WILL BE POSTED

Remember, this is YOUR GIFT of service to your church!       Alta Aldridge, Coffee Hour Coordinator  

*We offer the convenience of Electronic Giving to automate your regular offering. Forms are available in the Narthex information rack.
Also, you may request your regular Statement of Giving be sent to you on-line to save on post- age and handling costs. Please email Jane Walker at walkerjf74@gmail.com to provide your email address or contact her (860 489-4714) for additional information.  


  1. Christmas Cantata - "All is Well" Sunday, December 13, 2015, 9:30 a.m.
  2. Christmas Sunday - Sunday December 20, 2015 - Christmas Pageant, 9:30 a.m.
  3. Christmas Eve Candlelight Service, December 24, 2015 - 7:30 p.m.

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